“Helping make young people’s experience of using knowledge and skills” Enabling young people to enter the world of work

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  • There is a necessity to spark a dynamic and positive attitude among young people towards the possibilities of enterprising behaviour, networking skills and pro-activity.

  • The SWIRL project enhances the development of teaching and learning methods and contents, to ensure students gain appropriate competences for future working life and make learning more attractive

  • SWIRL supports new forms of working through new forms of learning: letting VET students collect, execute and present real-job tasks using the latest pedagogical and digital tools.

Practical toolkit for VET schools

A practical toolkit for vocational schools describing how to set up an integrated regional network of world of work stakeholders

Pedagogical teachers guide

Student Initiated Company Assignments – Pedagogical Teacher Guide

Student learning materials

Student Initiated Company Assignments – Student learning materials

Company Handbook

Student Initiated Company Assignments – Company Handbook

Swirl Online platform

SWIRL Online platform & Community